TOUR 3 (VB); Cash Before Comfort: North Thailand: Small Group Tour
14 Days. From AUD $1,030



This North Thailand Cash Before Comfort small group tour, being cheap (est), is aimed primarily at the under forty fives, (but certainly not restricted to), who may still have to worry more about cash and less about comfort. While Baktrax always prides itself with providing better value for the essentials in your up front price than any other budget or adventure operator this trip is even better value again if you can live without a bit of comfort.

Once you arrive in Bangkok you will only need a few extra dollars to cover your arrival transfer,  meals not included and any drinks you require. (As always your tour coordinator will tell you the cheapest and best places for these also). The transport and accommodation are certainly not the most comfortable available on this trip but it is still adequate enough to get us, along with the locals, where we want to go and you will still get a good nights sleep in a clean room also.

(Simple guest houses x 8 nights, Basic guest house x 3 nights, Hill tribe village x 1 night, sleeper train x 1 night).

PRICE IS THE BOTTOM LINE ON THIS TRIP RATHER THAN COMFORT. This means giving more people the chance to experience other cultures while still having a relaxing holiday.




the entrance to Wat Po temple in Bangkok, Thailand
woman from the hmong hill tribe carrying vegetables to the market
women of the long neck karen (paduang) hill tribe in north Thailand

From AUD $1,030

Group Size: Minimum 1, Maximum 8

Guaranteed to depart

English speaking tour coordinator



  • Simple guest houses, (8 nights).
  • Basic guest houses, (3 nights)
  • Hill tribe village, (1 night )
  • Overnight sleeper train. (1 night).

Bus, Train, Taxi.

Day Trips

  • Hill Tribe Trek, (two days, one night).
  • One hour Thai and one hour reflexology,(foot), massage.

Entry Fees
All included when part of the itinerary.

14 meals included as per itinerary.
B = Breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner.


Day 1:

Tonight our Thailand small group tour will stay in; BANGKOK - Our cheap Thailand small group tour officially starts when you check into your Bangkok accommodation. A welcoming dinner will be had in the evening. If you arrive early enough your free time could be spent visiting the enormous Chatuchak weekend market and/or, Wat Phra Kaew & the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, MBK or Siam shopping centres or take a boat ride with the locals on the Chao Phraya express to some local shops in Nonthaburi.

A few of the  dozens of other options may be Vimanmek Teak Mansion, Chinatown, Wat Traimit, Jim Thompsons House, Silom or Sukhumvit road shops.

OR? Maybe just lay back and have a traditional Thai Massage. A month in the capital wouldn't allow you enough time to see it all. D.

Day 2:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group tour will stay in; KANCHANABURI - After breakfast our small group tour will transfer to the southern bus station to get a local bus to Kanchanaburi. The bridge on the river Kwai is obviously the main attraction but Kanchanaburi has a number of other attractions including   the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre Museum, Allied War Cemetery or Lak Meuang, (city pillar). Another real Thai evening market among other eateries will let you have that local experience also. B.

Day 3:

Tonight your cheap Thailand small group tour will stay in; PHITSANULOK - After a lazy breakfast we take another local bus trip to the central Thai city of Phitsanulok. No meals.

Day 4:

PHITSANULOK -  With lots to see and do in P-Lok  you'll be on the go. One of the most revered  temples in the kingdom of Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat, ( Wat Yai), a  folk museum, Buddha casting foundry or a short bus ride out of town to  Wat Chulamani which dates back to the 14th century.

Restaurants and markets abound as usual with a particularly good afternoon market setting up for a smorgasboard of local choices for dinner. Another of those great Thai markets that very few tourists get to see.  No meals.

Day 5:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group tour will stay in; CHIANG MAI - Heading further north today will see our small group tour in the capital of the north, Chiang Mai. Being a Sunday will give us the opportunity to visit the Sunday walking street. Every Sunday evening this road is closed to traffic and numerous street vendors set up food, crafts and numerous other stalls to amaze and tempt you. A reflexology massage is included today also at one of the street side massage chairs to relax any tired feet. No meals.

Day 6:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group ntour will stay in;  PAI - Today by mini bus takes our small group tour to a very special town in Thailand. Situated in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, Pai has an aura all of its own.
Pai is possibly the chill out capital of Thailand, especially in low season. A vibrant night life of music, restaurants and bars is just the beginning B.

Day 7:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group tour will stay in; HILLTRIBE VILLAGE - Leaving Pai at 9.00 a.m. our small group tour will drive one hour to the start of your trekking trail. Then you will start walking upstream along the Lang river surrounded by the most beautiful deciduous forests in north Thailand. This consists of teak wood forests, Indian mahoganies and various species of bamboo. 

During a picnic lunch your guide will also show you some survival skills. Then it will be uphill again while still observing the various plants, flowers, insects and birds until you reach a Red Lahu village close to the Thai-Burmese border for your overnight stay. Here you will sleep in a traditional communal bamboo house built on teak stilts with a thatched roof.

After taking a shower you will still have time for a stroll around the village to observe the local culture. Then you can help your guide and learn how to cook a delicious open fire meal. A convivial sit on the floor dinner will be a chance to talk about the local culture and history of the Lahu people as well as share a song or two with the local kids. By then you will be ready to slip under your mosquito net for a good nights sleep. B. L. D.

Day 8:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group tour will stay in; PAI - After a filling breakfast you will then walk for about three hours to the main Karen village in the region through different forests and along mountain ridges. After lunch you will again get the chance to observe village life. Lastly you will  visit a limestone cave before returning to Pai. Having visited these villages in the smallest of small group tours will leave you with the feeling of having visited friends rather than being a large herd of intruders.   B.  

Day 9:

PAI - A free day in Pai to  explore this unique mountain surrounded town. . Find the time  and a one hour Thai massage is also included  to help any recovery needed from the trek &.  B.

Day 10:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group tour will stay in; CHIANG MAI - Like most others our small group tour will reluctantly have to leave Pai-adise. So it's back to Chiang Mai today with the rest of the day free. A budget trip to a dentist is a possibility today also if time permits. B.

Day 11:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group tour will stay on; OVERNIGHT SLEEPER TRAIN - After checking out of our accommodation we can store our luggage and have the rest of the day to explore Chiang Mai before catching an overnight sleeper train to Bangkok. B.

Day 12:

Tonight our cheap Thailand small group tour will stay in; BANGKOK - Our small group tour will Arrive a.m. in Bangkok. The rest of the day is free. As it's a Sunday you have another chance to visit the enormous Chatuchak weekend market where most things between a mouse an an elephant can be found. Clothing in particular is great value if you can find what you want among the thousands of stalls. Chatuchak has something for everybody in one of the worlds great markets. No meals.

Day 13:

BANGKOK - A last free day in the city of angels to shop, sightsee, go to a movie or any number of other things your Tour Coordinator will suggest to you. A farewell dinner will be had in the evening. B. D.

Day 14:

Our cheap Thailand small group tour is officially over when you check out of your Bangkok accommodation. An airport transfer is included also. B. 

You can now head home with your bank balance less of a worry than if you had travelled with somebody else other than Baktrax and you still experienced the real cultures of another country.

Tour Departure Dates

01 Feb, 08 Feb, 26 Apr, 10 May, 24 May, 14 Jun, 28 Jun, 12 Jul, 26 Jul, 09 Aug, 23 Aug, 13 Sep, 27 Sep, 11 Oct, 25 Oct, 08 Nov, 22 Nov, 06 Dec

Any other date on application. (Minimum two people).


P/P, land only;
AUD $1,030
Single Suppliment: AUD $520